Multi-factor authentication (sometimes also called two-factor authentication) is a security feature that requires you to have more than just your username and password to log in to DunnDashboard. Most likely, you use MFA today when using a bankcard with a PIN, accessing an online store and receiving a text code for additional security. As you most likely have experienced, after you enter your username and password it also requires that second piece of information. The second piece (second factor) of information must be provided before the DunnDashboard can be accessed.

How does MFA Help?

If your account information is leaked, when MFA is required, an attacker with possession of the leaked credentials would be asked for a second form of authentication. The malicious login attempt will trigger an alert to be sent to the real person’s phone asking them to authenticate. Since the attacker would not have access to that second piece of information, they would not be able to log in and the breach would be prevented.

What do you need to do?

Follow the detailed instructions provided for you be JE Dunn Construction. Enroll your mobile number to receive text codes as a second factor or enroll the Microsoft Authenticator App (Available on any app store) as a second factor.